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Darcy Salvadore Locker
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Darcy Salvadore

Enroll in Mrs. Salvadore's Class on

Period 2 APEng Lit: Class id 8312890 Password: 52081

Period 3 English III: Class id 8312922 Password: 52081

Period 4 English III: Class id 8312353 Password: 52081

Period 5 APEng Lit: Class id 8312973 Password: 52081

Period 6 English III: Class id 8312978 Password; 52081

AP Literature Agenda for week ending August 22

 AP English Iv

Mrs. Salvadore Monday: "So how do I get an A" and fortnight

Team Tuesday: Poetry Palooza Group A

                             period 2; Esther, Amy, Sabrina, Tanya, Kyle, Isaac

                             Period 5: Jason, Cathy, Mia, Kiana,Ruth

Writing Wednesday: Rubric norming

Truth Thursday: Whole class poetry analysis

Genius Friday: start your important work this Genius hour



Due Friday: Poetry Palooza: Part A and B for Week Two. You may not do the poem presented this week. Submit notes, SPLITS, Precis, and art or performance creative responses in class. Submit written creative responses to


Don't forget participation counts! No Crickets! You can participate on twitter, too!


English III Agenda

Junior English: Week Ending 8/22

What are we doing today?

Monday: Read “Man to Send Rain Clouds” by Leslie Marmon Silko Pg 49-52 question #4

Tuesday: Read “The Blackfeet Genesis” (in packet) Begin American Values Chart

Wednesday: Read “The Sky Trees” Continue Chart

Thursday: Archetype Chart and Begin One pager

Friday: Finish One Pager



Monday before 8 Am: Personal Aphorisms Essay and Collage

Every night: Read for at least 20 minutes.

Friday: Novel Seminar assignment #2

Mrs. Salvadore's Favorite Vacation Photo
 Mrs. Salvadore's Favorite Vacation Photo

Welcome to Mrs. Salvadore's Page

Mrs. Salvadore is available for tutoring and writing conferences after school on Wednesdays and during 2nd lunch. Schedule a time today!