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Grade Posting: Assignment grades are posted as they are graded, therefore the final grade for a particular period may change as assignments are recorded in the gradebook. If the assignment does not have anything posted next to it, this means the grades have not been recorded for that assignment yet.



Late Work Policy

Late Work: If the student has an excused absence, a week is given in which the assignment can be turned in without point deductions; (the student must also write "absent" atop the assignment, when it is turned in). If the missing assignment is simply an oversight (left at home, lost in backpack, forgot to turn it in, or just forgot to do the assignment, there is a one week grace period to get the assignment in, but points will be deducted. No late work will be accepted after the one week grace period unless there are extenuating circumstances (to be determined by the teacher).

Late Posting: If an assignment is turned in late it may take some time for the grade to be posted, since grades are entered on a first come - first posted order.

 The policy for late work is also included in the syllabus.  



is formalized


It is

poking and

prying with a


        - Zora Neale Hurston

Romaine Washington


is a treasure

which accompanies

its owner


- Chinese Proverb


To have great poems,

there must be

great audiences.

                                  - Walt Whitman


Genuine Poetry

can communicate

before it is


                          - T.S. Eliot


 The idea is

to write it

so that people

hear it


it slides

through the brain


goes straight

to the heart.

                                   - Maya Angelou 


And one by one

the nights between

our separated cities

are joined

to the night

that unites us.

                                  -Pablo Neruda