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24 Hour Attendance Hotline


Counselor Web Pages

Guidance Office

Guidance Counselors

A-Ca Susan Forbes Ext 2044
Ce-Fl Kelly Shaw Ext 2043
Fo-Jam Cynthia Deiner Ext 2040
Jann-Mar Lindsay Fotia Ext 2046
Mat-Q Kevin Morris Ext 2045
R-S Jim McDonald Ext 2041
T-Z Richard Revard Ext 2042

Guidance Technicians

A-CA and Mc-Q Jennifer Reed Ext 2059
Ce-Fl and T-Z Christina Veliz Ext 2051
Fo-Jam Josie Wuence Ext 2052
Jann-Mar and R-S Shari Scheidmantle Ext 2050

Guidance Links

Applying To College